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5 Summer Health Tips

Its Officially Summer – Here are 5 Tips to Get Summer Ready!


Summer time is officially upon us! It’s when we think about health, fitness and lets face it – what to wear at the July 4 BBQ.

Getting started can be hard – We are here to help!

5 Tips to Get you Summer Ready..

1. Eat Protein – studies show that you must eat 2-3 times the RDA for protein in order to maintain muscle while dieting. On average that’s 80-110 grams per day. It is also the nutrient that keeps you full. So eat protein with every meal and consider a low-cal high protein shake for in-between meals when hungry.

2. Replace a Meal – with a meal replacement or protein shake. Meal replacements are an evidence-based way to lose weight. But watch the add ins because the calories can add up! My personal hit list of high calorie add-ins: avocado, chia seeds, peanut/almond butter. Also make sure you are getting a high quality source of protein without toxins. Some over the counter brands have been shown to contain lead, arsenic as well as other heavy metals and toxins in addition to a low quality, poorly absorbable protein. Our best seller of micro-filtered, cold-pressed whey protein triple tested for purity: Chocolate Whey Protein – 18 grams protein/95 calories/scoop.

3. Plan, Plan Plan – Plan in advance what you will eat the next day. Going to a restaurant? Take a look at the menu and look for calorie information before you go. Going to work? Meal prep the night before and brown bag your lunch. If you don’t plan chances are you will eat for convenience and likely your food choices will not be the best.

4. Accountability – Keep accountable to something -even if it is yourself. Regular weigh-ins weekly or even daily have been associated with greater weight loss. Food logging is also an effective strategy, Keeping tabs on calories will make you more aware, more accountable and will result in better food choices. Also track activity with a activity tracker. (Download FITTNOTE our free fitness App.)

5. Get Active – start with 30 minutes a day of activity, walking, dancing, jumping! The goal for weight loss is 270-350 minutes per week of cardiovascular and strength training activity. But even less will help preserve lean body mass and metabolism while you diet. Wondering about intensity? Goal HR should be 80% (220 – your age).

Wishing you a great start to the summer season.

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Dr. Adrienne Youdim, MD FACP
Center for Weight Loss & Nutrition



Wishing you a happy and healthy you.

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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