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5 Weight Loss Tips

1. Not all carbs are evil 

We love to hate carbs but not all carbs are evil. Carbs do include cookies, crackers and macaroni but they also include the good stuff like fruits and vegetables, grains and loosely may include brand and legumes as well. Bulking up on these carbs will help you feel satisfied, improve digestion, slow the rise of sugar in the blood stream and provide healthy nutrients such as b vitamins. Consider eating your carbs after you load up on your proteins and consider staying away from them at night.

2. Make half your plate green

The USDA food plate suggests that half our daily meals come from veggies and with good reason. Vegetables are a major source of vitamins minerals and antioxidants not to mention they are super low cal. Arugula is one of my favs is only 5 calories per cup!!! Incorporating these veggies even at breakfast will help take healthy space away from other high calorie items on your plate.

3. Sanctioned Snack

If you read my last post you know I don’t encourage snacking throughout the day BUT I do recommend an afternoon snack. The time from lunch to dinner can be as much as 8 hours-a long stretch to go without eating. And most of us do get a snack attack like around 4. Sound familiar? Instead of snacking on a handful or 2 of nuts, the kids leftovers or the candy bowl at the office add a sanctioned snack. This can even look more like a meal i.e. Turkey wrap. Keep it high in protein and low in carbs. Our suggestion is a low cal whey protein shake which will help signal hunger into dinner time and hopefully curl your portions then too!

4. Watch the liquid calories

They count! We spend a lot of time talking about kids and sodas but what about us. Alcohol, coffee drinks, juices. They add up! Wine can be anywhere from 100-150 calories per 4 oz glass, coffee drinks such as lattes and frappuccinos anywhere from 200-1000! And juicing gives you the calories without the good stuff like fiber. Drink sparkling water, drip coffee or cappuccino and watch the alcohol if you chose to consume.

5. Use a meal replacement

Meal replacements such as protein bars and shakes are an evidenced based strategy to lose weight. There should be high protein so they help preserve muscle while dieting and help signal hunger hormones that keep you full. But not all meal replacements are created equal. Watch out for high calorie low protein bars and if you are making a protein shake watch the add in. A 100 cal tablespoon of peanut butter here and another 60 cal TBS of chia seeds there and you’ve got yourself a pretty hefty shake that might hurt your weight loss goals.

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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