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A Scientific Strategy to Get MORE Out of Your Workout for LESS Time

For Real!
There is a way to get more out of your workout for less time. No gimmicks no tricks! Its called HIIT. You've probably heard of it, right?
High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a method of exercise where you achieve high intensity heart rates for shorter periods of time. What does High intensity mean? Well, you usually know it when you are working so hard you can't carry a conversation comfortably.  But to be sure you can determine your HIIT Heart Rate (HR) which is 80 percent of your max heart rate (HR). 
To calculate your HIIT HR, use this equation:  80 % of (220- Your Age)

So... if you are 45 years old, your HIIT HR would be:
80 percent of (220-45) or
0.8 x (175) or
140 beats per minute.
Scientific studies have shown that doing HIIT workouts 3 times per week can reduce you visceral fat (belly fat), waist circumference and percent body fat in 40% less time than MICT or moderate intensity continuous training. Of course you should never start an exercise program without making sure that you are ready and those with health conditions or at risk for health conditions should consult their physicians first. Last don't strive for HIIT HR right away, this is a goal that should be achieved based on your level of fitness.
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To Your Health,
Dr. AY
Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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