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Are Potatoes That Bad for You?

Or are they demonized unnecessarily?

From article in Cosmopolitan magazine
By Elizabeth Narins
Sep 7, 2016

“When foods are broken down especially quickly, the body responds by releasing insulin to sop up all the sugar.

The problem, according to Adrienne Youdim, MD, founder of the Center for Weight Loss and Nutrition at Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills, California, is that this leaves you high and dry on energy, and prone to cravings and hunger — even though you literally just ate. It’s a hangry cycle that can make it tough to manage your weight.

Although potatoes eaten alone tend to be digested relatively quickly, so many other factors figure into the digestive process, like serving size, how a food is prepared, what foods accompany said potatoes down the hatch, and whether you started your day with brunch fit for a queen or haven’t eaten in hours. In other words, the whole glycemic index thing doesn’t end up meaning very much for the average person.”

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