Body Composition and Muscle Mass

Make a Muscle . . . And Show Me What You Got

Problem is – you might not know how much muscle you got.

More importantly, you might not know how much muscle you are losing if you are dieting and losing weight. Truth is we start to lose muscle steadily from early adulthood. In women this can begin as early as the mid-30’s! Often even “lean” looking normal weight adults have high percent body fat and may never know it.

A standard scale cannot give you this information but body composition testing can. In addition, it can provide a detailed analysis of muscle mass, segmental lean mass, body water and metabolic rate. All information that provides you insight into creating an individualized health, weight loss or fitness plan.

Body composition testing periodically during a weight loss program can also track and monitor the pounds of fat lost vs pounds of muscle and help prevent you from losing valuable muscle mass.

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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