Diet Cola Lovers: Drink Up, Because Diet Soda’s Days May Be Numbered

You might want to start stocking up now.

by Aly Walansky
The Feast – Bravo TV
October 13, 2016

What’s behind this? For one thing, artificial sweeteners are getting a lot of bad press lately, with some recent data suggesting a link between artificial sweeteners and obesity. “One plausible reason is that artificial sweeteners will trigger the part of the brain that craves sugar, without providing the true sweet nutrient, and therefore they do not satisfy the cravings, leading us to consume more,” Dr. Adrienne Youdim, MD, tells The Feast.

So diet soda’s potential to shoot itself in the foot might be part of the problem. “The studies are conflicting, however, and the link may be a simple association rather than causation, i.e. people who tend to drink diet sodas are the ones who are overweight or trying to diet,” adds Youdim, who is based at the Center for Weight Loss and Nutrition at the preeminent Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills.

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