Do you know what you’re eating?

Nutrient Values at a Sit-down Restaurant Meal

We all eat out once in a while for socializing or entertainment. Some eat out regularly for convenience. But do you know what’s on your plate?

A recent study published in JAMA showed the nutrient value at a sit down meal at a restaurant, and the results are shocking!

The typical sit down meal at a restaurant contains the following:

Total Calories: 1128
(almost one days worth for some!)

Total Fat: 58g
(89% of the average daily value)

Total Sodium: 2269mg
(151% of the average daily value!!)

All that’s in just ONE meal!

A day’s worth of calories, sodium and fat in one meal!

If you are eating out for convenience consider some weekend meal-prep and brown bag your lunch. Quick healthy dinner options like store-bought rotisserie chicken and veggies is also a great strategy to limit restaurant eating.

Find yourself unprepared! Consider a meal replacement such as a whey protein shake.

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Center for Weight Loss and Nutrition



Wishing you a happy and healthy you.

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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