Five More Tips for Weight Loss

Here are Five (More) Tips for Weight Loss.

You’ve heard it all before and already know what it takes to lose weight. But here again are the basics. Here are 5 more tips for weight loss that you probably already know (but may not practice).

6.  Use a meal replacement. A meal replacement refers to any pre-packaged food or item that “replaces” a meal. Classically these are protein shakes, bars or pre-packaged meals. Numerous studies have shown meal replacements used short or long term to replace all or one meal is an effective strategy for weight loss and weight maintenance. It’s also a good way to get the necessary protein you might not otherwise get. Some people scoff at the thought of a packaged meal but think about it..a protein shake every morning instead if the tempting “breakfast muffin” at the coffee shop saves you hundreds of calories, trans fat and sugar and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

7.  Watch the liquid calories. We are all fixated on soda as the liquid demon. But truth is there are many other sources of liquid calories that do us adults in. Juice –  this one is a biggie for kids and adults. Ever watched the number if while fruits that go into making a 12 ounce cup of juice? That’s calories without the nutrients. I say just eat the whole fruit. What about lattes and the coffee blended drinks? Some of those drinks total upwards of a thousand calories!!! Last but definitely not least is the alcohol. One glass of wine often begets another and aside from the calories, alcohol makes you dis-inhibited resulting in more food intake. What’s more..alcohol has been shown to reduce leptin levels- a powerful hormone that tells your brain you are full. The result? More hunger!! So watch the liquid calories. Just because you don’t chew them doesn’t mean they don’t count!

8.  Good fats. Lots of press about the good fats. Avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil. They are all good at bringing down LDL, the bad cholesterol and taking up your HDL, the good cholesterol. So yes sprinkle some in your diet. But the idea is to sprinkle. At the end of the day the good fats are fat and they are high in calories. Take almonds for example. 7 calories a pop. So next time you grab a bag start counting..7, 14, 21, 28…77, 83, 189 (that’s 27 almonds). So portion it out before hand and try to stick to 100 calories per serving.

9.  Exercise. Studies show that the calories burned with exercise are not enough to cause weight loss, in most cases. Meaning weight loss is more about the diet not the activity. BUT.. exercise is the best way to preserve lean body mass which determines your metabolic rate and your ability to maintain a high level of calorie burnage just by living. Exercise comes in many types. Cardio, strength training, calisthenics..Vary your activity to get the best result.

10.  Start logging! It used to be that food logs were all about pen and paper. Now there’s an app for that! Studies have shown that the mere exercise of writing (or notating) your food intake reduces your daily calorie consumption and results in weight loss. The more you document the better the weight loss is. Meaning take down not just what you eat but the calories in that meal and even what you were feeling when you ate or why you were eating. Hunger, boredom, something else? Logging brings a level of awareness that prompts positive changes in behavior. Logging exercise and daily or weekly weights is helpful too. There are lots of fun gadgets out there that can help you get started.

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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