Five Practical Tips for Weight Loss

Turns out that you’ve heard it all before and already know what it takes to lose weight. But sometimes we forget the basics. So here it is straight. Here are 5 practical tips for weight loss that you probably already know (but may not practice).

  1. Fill up on volume. High volume foods fill you up faster with less calories. So you get full on a small budget. Best example of a high volume food . . .Veggies!
    Start your meal with a big salad or veggie soup. That volume takes up valuable space in your stomach that is no longer available for higher density aka higher calorie foods.
  2. Five Servings Fruits & Vegetables. Along those same lines..make sure you eat 5 servings (cupfuls) of fruits and veggies per day, at least. Different kinds and different colors means you also get a rainbow of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants each with different benefits which together that have been shown to protect your body against heart disease, cancer and other bad stuff.
  3. Protein protein protein. Eating a high protein diet is more satiating than eating carbs. That means you feel full longer. What’s more..the more protein you eat the less likely you are to lose lean muscle mass when you are losing weight. Thats the stuff that keeps your metabolism going. Up side? You can eat more while maintaining your weight. Aside from animal protein good low-cal options include Greek yogurt, tofu, hard boiled eggs, soft cheeses and beans.
  4. Don’t be scared to eat carbs. We are still in the midst of our no-carb frenzy. But not all carbs are bad. What I recommend is eating the whole unprocessed grains like quinoa, faro, beans and legumes like lentils. This stuff is good because it’ll make you feel full, give you more fiber and nutrients than the processed white stuff and has the added bonus of protein too.
  5. No carbs at bedtime. While I recommend adding in the good carbs, don’t eat them for dinner. Carbs are energy and you don’t need it while you sleep. Eat low carb at night. You should wake up hungry for a good meal the next morning.
Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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