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Here are Some Breakfast Do's and Don'ts To Get You Up and Out the Door!

1. Don't Force Feed-
The myth that you need to eat breakfast to rev up your metabolism is just that, a myth. So is the myth that eating breakfast will help you lose weight. If you are not hungry then don't force feed yourself! But be wary, because here is the thing...
If you are not going to eat breakfast but then are going to snack all morning or grab a muffin or wait until you are starving for lunch then you have done the wrong thing. In either case you will end up consuming much more calories than if you had just grabbed the egg or made the protein shake.
2. The Protein Story is Real-
Protein is a macro-nutrient queen! It is true that if you start your day with protein, you will curb hunger hormones all day long! So if you are eating breakfast then go high protein for sure! The goal is 20-30 grams of protein not just for breakfast but with every meal. Protein will not only help you feel full but will help you preserve muscle mass while you are losing weight. 
3. No Desserts, Please-
Many of our common go to breakfast foods are just like a bowl of sugar. That includes many processed cereals and breads, waffles, pancakes, muffins...and the list goes on. The problem with that is not only that it lacks nutrition but that you will crash by mid-morning. Processed sugars make you groggy, fuzzy and feeling like cra%*! 
4. Processed Foods are Bad, Really Bad, Here's Why-
Ok, so we all know that processed food is bad, but maybe you don't know how bad.Not only are processed foods high in sugar, fat and completely devoid of nutritional value, BUT, recent studies have shown that processed foods actually rev up your hunger hormones, so you actually feel more hungry!

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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