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How Healthy are Acai Bowls?

Acai bowls sure are pretty, but are they healthy?

They are the newest thing on the ‘health’ circuit. They look beautiful and delicious, but how healthy are acai bowls?

Lets do the math…
Granola can be close to 300 calories per half cup with 20-30 grams of sugar (it’s usually the second ingredient on the label) and one-third of the recommended daily saturated fat (that’s not the good kind). Add yogurt, fruit, and other additives like peanut butter and dried fruit, and you’re looking at a 600+ calorie “snack” (that’s more than a Big Mac). So next time you are wondering about this pretty little snack, you do the math.

Try healthier snack options like: mixing your favorite cereal with yogurt instead of milk, and choose Greek yogurt for a higher protein content (be sure to watch your calories in the cereal). You could also try making a whey protein shake and adding fruit for additional flavor, while keeping your calorie intake low.

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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