How to Have the Healthiest Valentines Ever

Looking for the healthiest Valentine’s ever, here are some ideas that won’t set you back 1200 calories (like your decadent restaurant dinner might!)


Stay In– Trade in the French bistro for a homemade dinner with your sweetheart. Cooking can be a bonding and romantic experience. Pick healthy options like:


Make it an Active– consider switching out your dinner plans for a meditation, healthy cooking or a fitness class – maybe something like Zumba to spice it up!


Give a gift of Fitness– health trackers are a great motivator to start an exercise routine. Consumer reports has named Fitbit, Garmin and TomTom as the companies putting the best devices out there.


Do it Together- one of the best collateral effects of one family member getting healthy is that others will join on. Support your spouse/significant other/children/parents by supporting their healthy habits. Keep the house clean of temptations, join in a workout or walk and offer encouragement.  Nothing says love like supporting the healthiest version of you as a couple.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day!

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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