How to Slay your HEALTH GOALS

Whether you want to de-stress, start a new exercise regimen, get better sleep or eat a healthier diet goal setting is important to GOOD HEALTH. Here are 4 tips for successful goal setting and more importantly for successful goal follow through!

  1. Define the Goal and Define Success- Take a moment to define exactly what you are trying to accomplish. What is the goal? Be as specific as you can. More importantly what does success look like to you? Envision that success and embody it.  Consider writing out your goals on post-it notes and place them in strategic areas ie by your bed, your toothbrush or coffee-maker as a morning reminder.
  2. Write it Down- Grab a journal and a pen and list, in detail,  the steps on how you plan to achieve your goal. Again, be very specific. Next, anticipate the potential roadblocks to actualizing this goal. Write them down too. Finally, sketch out some strategies to circumvent these potential barriers. Keep this book handy and reference it when you are feeling discouraged or unmotivated. Re-reading your notes will help clarify your path.
  3. Create Rituals- Rather than leaving things to chance, create rituals around your goals. For example, if your goal is to exercise, make it a ritual to do it first thing in the morning. If you wait to see how you feel that afternoon, chances are you won’t get to it. If your goal is to pack a lunch, make it a ritual to pack your leftovers in a mason jar as you clear the dinner table every night.  That way even if you have to dash out in the morning, your lunch will be ready and waiting to go with you.
  4. Manage your Expectations and Be Kind- Goals are meant to be motivating, encouraging and a roadmap to your success. They are not meant to be demoralizing, discrediting or used as a weapon of sabotage. Remember that no one is perfect, nor is it necessary to be perfect for success. Remember that all goals are a process and cannot be achieved overnight. And finally, remember that if you don’t embrace your humanity, your good days and your bad days, you are more likely to get frustrated and to undermine your efforts in the long run. Manage your expectations and BE KIND to yourself!

In Good Health,

Dr. Adrienne Youdim, MD

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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