Lose Weight While You Sleep

Why sleep is essential for healthy weight healthy body and a healthy and productive work life

Good sleep has become a novelty in our busy lives. Competing demands in our over-scheduled days have robbed us of our bedtime as sleep takes second place to work, kids, catching up on emails or binging on our favorite show. But sleep deprivation takes its toll on our health, our weight, our mood and our productivity.

Studies have clearly demonstrated links between lack of sleep and health consequences such as obesity and diabetes.

Limiting sleep for as little as 3 nights in a row has been shown to result in insulin resistance putting us at risk for diabetes. Sleep deprivation has also been shown to increase hunger hormones resulting in more hunger cravings specifically for sugary and high fat foods. Reduced sleep hours also negatively impacts memory, cognition, mood and attention. In one study fatigue-related productivity losses were estimated to cost nearly $2,000 per employee annually.

It’s easy to dismiss our sleep duration and sleep quality for more tangible tasks and duties but sleep is necessary to reboot and restore and is integral to maintaining optimal health and productivity. Long-term sleep deprivation not only affects our health but also our ability to achieve those more tangible tasks in the most efficient way.

Tips for good sleep:


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Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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