National Coffee Day: Benefits of Coffee

Why National Coffee Day Matters to your Health!

Its National Coffee Day and here’s why you should care! If you ❤️ coffee you are not alone! Over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year! Aside from caffeine, coffee is filled with powerful disease fighting antioxidants. In fact, coffee beans have over 1000 antioxidants and even more when brewed making coffee the #1 source of antioxidants in the American Diet. Here are 5 health facts about coffee you may have not known.

Of course there are downsides. Coffee can cause anxiety, irritability, insomnia and hypertension.

Keep in mind that not all coffee is created equal. Coffee drinks blended with added sugars and other ingredients can drive up the calories from 2 calories (in plain brewed coffee) to almost 1000 calories in a super-sized ice-blended cup. As always, moderation is key. Two 8 oz cups seems to be appropriate for most individuals.

Toasting you with my cup of (unsweetened) joe and wishing you a healthy and productive day!


In good health,

Dr. Adrienne Youdim, MD FACP


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