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Reconsider your Sweeteners!

Tip of the Day: Reconsider your Sweeteners!

Artificial sweeteners have gotten a lot of bad press lately. Recent reports have suggested an association between artificial sweeteners and propensity for weight gain. While the jury is still out it is possible that they contribute to weight gain.

More recently, artificial sweeteners have been linked to #Hashimito’s thyroiditis. Hashimito’s is an #autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid gland. The body develops antibodies against the #thyroid gland, a small gland located in the front of the neck that regulates #metabolism and other #endocrine functions. Hashimito’s often resolves but can go on to cause #hypothyroidism or inactive thyroid.

The recent study linking artificial sweeteners to Hashimito’s thyroiditis is small and needs further study to be proven but given this and other associations it is probably wise to watch your consumption of artificial sweeteners which can be found in everything from gum to yogurt to your diet drinks.

Watch your artificial sweetener intake especially if you have a personal or family history of thyroid #disease.


Wishing you a happy and healthy you!

Dr. Adrienne Youdim

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