Single Bout of Exercise Protects Heart, Instantly!

New study shows that a single bout of exercise protects the heart, instantly!

What if it took just one? Just one bout of exercise to protect the heart? There have been many medical studies demonstrating health benefits of exercise. Better mood, reduced depression and anxiety, heart health, better cognition and reduced dementia, lower cholesterol, reduced risk of diabetes, and breast cancer and prostate cancer….the list goes on.

A new study published this week shows that a single bout of exercise provides protective benefits to the heart, Instantly!

Yes, a single bout of exercise can instantly protect the heart! In a study published in JAMA Cardiology this week, researchers showed that heart protection occurs within 2-3 hours of exercise and lasts up to 24 hours later. Additionally, in a phenomena coined as cardiac pre-conditioning repeatedly taxing or overexerting the heart thru exercise makes the heart more resilient against dangerous overexertion of the heart- episodes known as ischemia- which is a precursor to heart attacks.

Take home- get moving! Even one episode helps. And it doesn’t take long. Another study (more info here) showed that 7 minutes of exercise was enough to result in longevity or longer life!

To a Happier and Healthier you,

Dr. Adrienne Youdim MD FACP


Jama Cardiol. Published online November 29, 2017

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