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Micronutrient Testing


How do we know which vitamins we are getting enough of and which ones we have a deficiency of? Micronutrient testing is a comprehensive blood test that can reveal information important in accurately determining which micronutrients we are lacking in or have too many of. Most everyone can benefit from micronutrient testing, and in many cases, it is an integral part of treatment for the doctor in order to accurately diagnose an existing condition or to identify an underlying cause of other symptoms a person may be experiencing.

Micronutrient test results can help your doctor in many ways. By having the information the test provides, it can help her to:

  • provide customized prevention by early detection of nutritional deficiencies

  • better treat certain high-risk groups who are more susceptible to vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies that can affect treatment outcomes and overall health

  • provide prevention measures for patients with family history of common chronic disease conditions

  • gain insight into generalized complaints with no apparent specific disease source and to provide treatment options based on the findings of the micronutrient test

Once test results have been assessed by your doctor, she can customize your treatment to address your specific needs to help achieve optimal health.


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