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Vitamins And Supplements

Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP

Internist & Medical Weight Loss Specialist located in Beverly Hills, CA

Nutrition forms the foundation of your health and allows you to perform at the peak of your ability. When you need nutritional support, you can count on Dr. Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP, a board-certified nutrition specialist who has extensive training and experience creating individualized supplement plans in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Youdim ensures you’ll receive the highest quality nutrients by providing a customized line of supplements. To learn whether you have micronutrient deficiencies that would benefit from vitamins and supplements, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Vitamins and Supplements Q & A

Why might I need vitamins and supplements?

While it’s ideal to get all the nutrients your body needs through the foods you eat, you can still fall short on nutrients even when you follow a healthy diet.

You may need supplements to meet your daily requirements when:

  • You’re limiting calories to lose weight
  • Age-related changes affect nutrient absorption
  • Healing from illness, injury, or surgery requires more nutrients than normal
  • Intense activities or sports training demand extra nutrition

These are only a few of the top reasons why many patients need supplements to maintain optimal health.


How can I obtain the highest-quality vitamins and supplements?

Vitamins and supplements aren’t regulated, which means that many products on the market don’t contain all the ingredients or they have a different dose than the information listed on the label. Even worse, some supplements contain unsafe ingredients that aren’t on the label.

Dr. Youdim offers a line of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that are guaranteed to meet the highest ideals for quality and potency. The ingredients are plant-based whenever possible. Additionally, each ingredient is certified as organic by Quality Assurance International.

Maximum purity is ensured, as her products contain no genetically modified ingredients. The supplements are also free of artificial sweeteners.


What types of vitamins and supplements are available from the practice?

Before recommending any type of supplement, Dr. Youdim performs lab tests including micronutrient testing. After your results come back, she can determine if you have a nutrient deficiency, the severity of the problem, and the dose you need to restore balance. Armed with this information, Dr. Youdim creates an individualized supplement plan that’s perfectly tailored to meet your nutritional needs.

Dr. Youdim’s high-quality supplements include a complete line of nutrients, as well as formulas designed to target specific health conditions. These are only a few examples of the products available online:

Click here to see our full line of sustainable sources vitamins and supplements by Dr. Adrienne Youdim.

If you have questions about the supplements you may need, or you’d like to schedule specialized micronutrient testing, call Dr. Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP, or book an appointment online.


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Our products use the finest ingredients including organic and non-GMO nutrients and are certified by the most rigorous certifying organizations including USDA Organic and Quality Assurance International as displayed on our label.